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Full Refunds will be granted for ALL Florham Park Sports Dome and Event Center registrations on programs and camps up until 2 weeks prior to the start date.

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Performance Training


“Pursue a life of health and fitness that serves you outside of the gym.”

Our Programs

No matter what your fitness goals are, what you do inside the gym must ultimately serve you outside of the gym. Our goal is to create long term health benefits through the pursuit of fitness.


This 60-minute strength and conditioning-style class offer a mastery of core functional movements. AnnexFit offers consistent programming; allowing time to dial-in and learn movement patterns necessary to succeed outside the gym. In every class, we work on building strength first, then finish with an interval workout designed to build cardiovascular strength.

Personal Training

This 60 minute highly customized session caters to the individual needs and goals of each client. Whether you’re working around a preexisting injury or you‘re looking to prepare for your next triathlon, these personal training sessions are geared towards those who are looking for something more specific than what our existing classes provide. ​*Assessment Required*

Athlete Training

“Our goal is to provide our athletes with the best possible training and resources in order for them to
achieve their goals in their athletic career and on the field of play.”

Youth Speed and Agility Class: Ages 10-12

Science has proven that ages 9-12 are the most critical years in a child’s life for motor skill development.
This age is a crucial time in a young athlete’s life where they are capable of developing sound motor skills and movement patterns that are paramount in maximizing future athletic potential. This class is geared towards creating an environment where young athletes can start to explore the fundamentals of sprinting and running mechanics, planting, cutting and overall physical literacy. Our goal is to make this class a fun
experience for our athletes and teach these fundamentals through games and drills.
These classes run 60 minutes and have up to 12 athletes.

Middle School Athletic Development: Ages 13-14

Our Middle School Athletic Development class is geared towards building long term athletic development and creating a solid foundation for athletes to build on as they get further into their athletic career. In this class, we begin to introduce our athletes to a more structured strength and conditioning program. While
accommodating for age and maturity, these athletes are exposed to functional strength and power while
building on the speed and agility adaptations we learn in our Youth Speed and Agility Class. These classes run 75 minutes and have up to 12 athletes.

High School Athletic Development: Ages 15+

This class is geared toward the total athletic development of the high school athlete. As athletes begin to specialize in one sport in high school the risk of injury increases. Therefore, not only is our program
geared towards driving performance improvements, but we are also looking to mitigate the risk of injury
on the playing field.
Our comprehensive approach works on building strength, power, speed and capacity in all of our athletes. Our goal is to build robust and resilient athletes who can go out and compete at the highest level. These athletes who will out-perform and out-last their competition. These classes run 90 minutes and have up to 12 athletes.

Team Training

Available upon request. The ANNEX will create an exclusive class for your team. Contact Mickey:

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